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808nm diode laser hair removal machine

  • Product Name:  808nm diode laser hair removal machine
  • Model NO.:  Yinhe-808
  • Origin:  Yiwu
  • Packing:  Wooden case Or Aliminium case
  • Brand Name:  Yinhe
  • Minimum Order:  1 Set
  • Supply Ability:  200 Sets
  • Quality System Certification:  3C CE SFDA
  • Product Details:  808nm diode laser hair removal machine

Detailed Product Description

*all skin type laser hair removal
*10.4Inch LCD Touch Screen
*spot size :12mm x 20mm
*fast&effective treatment

Lasylaser Yinhe-808nm diode laser permanent hair removal  

I.  Theory:

Successful laser hair removal relies on the principle of selective photothermolysis. The preferential absorption of light energy by melanin pigment in the hair follicle occurs when appropriate wavelengths, fluencies and pulse durations are chosen.

Diode laser hair removal technology adopts 808nm- “Golden Standard” for hair removal, which is particularly absorbed by the pigment located in the hair follicle without any injury of surrounding tissue

10-1400ms – Long adjustable pulse durations coupled with contact sapphire chill tip permits the safe use of higher and more efficacious fluencies for the treatment for all skin types, thus promise effective and fast treatment to any types of skin and hair colors without any side effects like 755nm.

processes of hair follicles and thus achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal.

II.  Features:

  1. The only system to provide permanent hair reduction using state-of-the-art, high-power diode technology;
  2. Adopts 808nm-Golden Standard wavelength which is particularly absorption by the pigmentation in hair follicles without injury to surrounding tissue, thus remove the hair permanently;
  3. Perfect combination of long pulse duration and sapphire contact cooling promise more power given onto the skin to remove hairs of all skin types without injury of epidermis;
  4. Well worked contact cooling system provide comfortable, safe and efficient treatment procedure;
  5. High power system removes hair of any colors and on anywhere;
  6. 20X12mm2  is the maximum size for effective usage of the diode laser, thus the given energy could be effectively worked on the treatment, and let the patient enjoy the hair removal procedure just like shaver moves on body
  7. The pure imported Diode Laser-Palladium Bar promises to output big power, and stability of the whole machine;
  8. Rapid, non-invasive treatment that is and entails virtually no patient downtime;
  9. Except the cooling in the handle, we also add special cooler in the water case in the machine, and this water case was wrapped with cotton of constant temperature, thus this machine could permit long time working.

III.  Specifications:


Laser type

Diode laser

Laser wavelength

808 nm




10.4 inch color touch LCD screen

Spot size

10 * 12 mm2

Pulse width

10-1, 400 ms adjustable


1-120 J/cm2adjustable




Water + air + Semiconductor

Temperature of probe


Working environment:

Environment temperature


Relative humidity


Atmospheric pressure


Working Voltage

~220V+-10%, 50HZ

Transportation and store:

Environment temperature

- 20~60 C

Relative humidity


Atmospheric pressure



59*64*113 cm

N. Weight



220V (110V)/15A  50Hz (60Hz)


Wooden case Or Aliminium case

Diode Laser VS Traditional Hair Removal


Diode Laser Hair Removal

Normal Laser Hair Removal

Opertion Method

Spot-by-spot,quick sliding

Slow spot output

Effective Energy




Very Minimal


Laser Repetition Freqency



Side Effects 


Very Minimal

Treatable Skin Types