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Popular exporting tattoo laser removal machine

  • Product Name:  Popular exporting tattoo laser removal machine
  • Model NO.:  Yinhe-280
  • Origin:  China
  • Packing:  Aliminium Case
  • Brand Name:  Lasylaser
  • Delivery Time:  2 days
  • Minimum Order:  1 Pcs
  • Quality System Certification:  CE TUV SFDA
  • Product Details:  Popular exporting tattoo laser removal machine


1.Q switch nd yag laser nd yag laser and hair removal/skin rejuvenation
5.Medical CE, TUV,ISO


tattoo laser removal machine/best tattoo removal laser machine   


Technical Parameters of Yinhe-280: 

Laser type Sapphire Switch-Q / KTP / YAG Laser
Wave length wavelength 1064nm & 532nm
Width of pulse 3.5-10ns
Facular diameter 1-6mm
Pulse energy 0-1200mj
Pulse rate 1-6Hz
Net weight 13kg
Dimension 42cm * 25cm * 24cm
Voltage 220V / 110V / 12A 50Hz(60Hz)
Cooling system Wind + water + semiconductor cooling

 Application Scope


Removal of eyebrow line, eye line, lip line...etc
Removal of tattoo(red, blue, black...etc)
Clearance speckle, black naevus, fleck, age spots...etc 
Removal of vascular lesion and spider vessel...etc

Removal of hair...etc




Laser tattoo removal works by using different wavelengths of light which react with the ink in the skin and fractures it into tiny pieces which is them removed from the skin by the inmune system. On average professional tattoos require 5-6 treatments amateur tattoos may require only 3-4 sessions.The number of treatments depends on the size of the tattoo and treatments can be required upto 20 times.






1. High peak power laser pulse with narrow pulse-width by G-PULSETM giant pulse technology

2. Unique chamber and mechanical design, the system would be more stable and reliable

3. Red beam guiding of diode laser with LCD display, treatment would be more exactly

4. TEC cooling and water follow protection, system getting more safety

5. Portable design, with small size and more convenient for move








1. The 1064nm wavelength can eliminate the black, blue freckle, tattoo and birth mark,

2. The 532nm wavelength can eliminate the nevus of ota, tattoo, eyebrow tattoo, failed eye line, birth maik, telangiectasia and so on.












Service from Lasylaser



Company introduction 

  • Specialized in production of medical and aesthetic equipments for many years.
  • The professional and innovative engineers are the pioneers of optoelectronics in China.
  • ISO9001 proved Quality control and test system, each machine is in the best quality control.
  • CE proved machines, the key for you to legally use and sell the machine.
  • Spare parts self produced, production cost is in control.
  • We are the only one manufactor in China which supply 1 year warranty. Within warranty, we offer free repairing

          service and provide replacement parts for free.