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Vertical E-light (IPL+RF)Beauty Machine (IPL+RF)

  • Product Name:  Vertical E-light (IPL+RF)Beauty Machine (IPL+RF)
  • Model NO.:  E-10
  • Product Details:  Vertical E-light (IPL+RF)Beauty Machine (IPL+RF)

Theory :

Advanced technologies, bipolar radio frequency + IPL, can be used together or separately. The perfect result can be expected. The RF energy can penetrate into the dermis and the heat directly deliveries to the hair follicle. Integrating with the IPL energy, good treatment result will show you in short time. Additionally, the cooling system inside is effective on the epidermis this can greatly reduce pain in the process of treatment.

Application Range:
1.Eliminate wrinkles, tense skin, raise skin, with the combine of IPL and RF technology, eliminate wrinkles and raise skin of face
2.Thick black/tiny hair-removal: using the quantum emitted by E quantum, also with the effect of RF on vesica below the skin of 6mm,which are not absolutely depended on the delivery of the capillary, so great efficient on treatment of tiny light hair
3.Eliminate the dermic speckle and blood lines, improve the coarse skin obviously
4.Treatment to acne: using the special wave band kill bacillus of acne, also with the combine of IPL and RF efficiently reduce the activities of saponaceous gland

How to Change the Filters with E-Light Handle:

Model E-10
Range of Spectrum 480,530,640-1200nm 
 Option 430,585-1200nm 
RF Frequency 10MHz
Max RF Output 0-100J/cm³
Density of IPL Energy 1-50J/cm², adjustable
Spot Size 8*30mm² 13*40mm² 15*50mm² Optional
Amount of Pulse 1-6, adjustable
Interval of Pulse 1-99ms, adjustable
Sub-pulse Width  0.1-9.9ms,adjustable
Emitting cycle 1-4s, adjustable
Skin Cooling -4-10 Degrees
Display Screen 8.4 inch LCD color touch screen
Cooling Way Wind, water and handle with semiconductor cooling
Power Supply 110V/220V, 50Hz/60Hz, 12A/6A  1200W
Dimension 58*68*120cm
Weight 68kg