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6 Steps for laser hair removal treatment process [2011-03-29]

  1. Step : Deodorants, creams, makeup are removed, using alcohol
    Deodorants, creams or makeup will affect the hairs absorption to the laser light. Alcohol treatment will be to prevent bacterial infection.

  2. Step : Wears special goggles
    The patient wears special goggles to protect the eye from potential laser light that could leak out.

  3. Step : Applied a cooling gel, spray or an aesthetic cream to the treatment area
    A cooling gel or spray will help you ease the uncomfortable feeling. If you have a thick black hair or sensitive to the pain, you will be used anesthetic cream that numbs the skin.

  4. Step : Parameters change laser hair removal machine
    Utilize largest spot size and the highest tolerable fluence to get the best out of laser treatment.

5.   Step : Laser wand begin work
The laser is a hand-held wand that directs the beam of light in a 3mm-15mm area, it feels like a rubber band snapping the skin. When the hair follicle is being damaged, an odor of it being destroyed can also be smelled. The whole treatment will take from a few minutes with small areas to a few hours with bigger ones.

6.   Step : Finish and Clean up
After the end of laser hair removal treatment, your skin will be wipe clean with towels no need for creams or lotions or potions. The skin may look red and slightly swollen, but it should disappear within 24 hours.