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Advantages of laser hair removal [2011-08-15]

1, all the hair removal laser hair removal method is relatively small in the pain of a hair removal method. Many cases of clinical trial results showed that most patients feel that it "rubber band was playing to" feeling.
2, the advantages of laser hair removal is very thorough hair removal using laser can penetrate to the deep dermis and subcutaneous fat tissue, acting on different parts of the depth of the hair follicles to effectively remove any part of the depth of human hair.
3, the advantages of laser hair removal will not damage the skin.
4, hair removal laser hair removal has the advantage of more pigmentation after very close to our skin.
5, laser hair removal has the advantage of speed.
6, laser hair removal pulse adjustable long time, protect the skin while removing hair of different thickness.
7, sapphire contact cooling cooling patented security does not damage the skin, the advantages of this laser hair removal is the most prominent.
8, square big spot, fast hair removal, laser hair removal treatment can speed up the pace.
9, the best laser hair removal laser wavelength.
Laser hair removal are two important conditions must be met first, laser hair follicle tissue can be fully absorbed; second, the laser can effectively pass through the skin to reach the location of hair follicles. LightSheer semiconductor laser wavelength is 800 nm in the near-infrared spectral region, is better absorbed by melanin, while the deep penetration to the dermis and subcutaneous adipose tissue, effects and depth in different parts of the hair follicle, effectively removing any part of the body and depth of the hair.