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Beauty industry establishes customer surveillant system [2011-03-19]

As a popular emerging industry, anaesthesia industry has been an indispensable part for human daily life and attracting more and more people these days. Meanwhile, stronger demand needs higher standards for anesthesia industry.
According to the statistic, China has more than 1,600,000 beauty salons now, which are provide various anaesthesia programs and are implementing different standards now.
This will result in bad reputation and fraudulent consumptions.
With the purpose of protecting consumers’ benefits, making anesthesia industry more standard, making the completion in anesthesia sector more fair and under the guiding of the relevant policy issued by government, the model  “head office upgrading and tens of thousands leagues joining” program has got a lengthways development. On the basis of deepening the industrial structure of anaesthesia industry, the Senior Health Committee and Anaesthesia Industry Commission promoted the consumer-supervise oriented managing system which combined scale operation and standard management. Putting “ standard, improving, promoting and perfecting” as their mission,  the Senior Health committee and
Anaesthesia Industry Commission changed their operation consciousness to promote the implementation if model industry.
   The Senior Health Committee and Anaesthesia Industry commission founded Consumer Supervision Committee and expatiated everybody’s  duty. In order to provide good quality
service to consumers, they chose 82 beauty salons as their model stores which abide by the relevant standards, promoted the reputations in the local market in the local market.
   All the members of Consumer Supervision Committee are chosen from consumers and have to service consumers. Any member must be promoted by the model beauty salon and provide
relevant materials to the Senior Health Committee and Anaesthesia Industry Committee for auditing.
   On one hand, the Consumer Committee is authorized to supervise any store’s service quality and service attitude and help them more standard, on the other hand, functions as
the bridge of consumer and beauty salon, the Consumer Committee helped the stores get more clients , provide more effective services and more advantaged.  Enhance the service quality is enhance the production capacity. Consumer’s supervision is helpful for the development of Anaesthesia industry. As the rewards for the support of Consumer Committee, the Senior Health Committee introduced more high reputation beauty equipment manufacturers who has the latest technology and has the best quality and more standard quality control systems to provide the model stored good quality beauty equipments with the authentication of Senior Health Committee and Anaesthesia Industry Commission. Through the consumer supervision management system, we have developed a harmonious and mutual-benefits market for all consumers