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Beauty market a lot of problems [2011-11-11]


South Korea "beauty industry" growth is not affected by the economic downturn, the scale now has more than ? 12000000000000 (about $ 12 billion). Plastic surgery, beauty, fitness was with media advertising, planning performances complement each other in the form of a giant "beauty industry" chain. "cosmetic Surgery" pie in the end how much is clear.
Reporters learned from the municipal health service, the city has so far only three organizations plastic surgery, medical service of health last Yantai Municipal Board for approval and major facilities for plastic surgery - Plastic Surgery Centre Xin is located in Yantai .
Plastic Surgery Center Director introduced because small-scale industry is not the overall quality is high, Yantai "plastic surgery" institutional boss most of the "guardian of works", uses knowledge of the poor, low levels of technology, still in the level craftsman, many organizations have the beauty the "guerrilla" mentality can be a quick death, have long-term plans. Produced by practice and perseverance, and only the scale, technology, equipment monitoring, and large organizations, their own image from the beginning to ensure the service is available.
Reports suggest that the introduction of money into the U.S. semiconductor industry, laser and IPL hair removal system, the latest generation of resonance liposuction, electrical cross-platform operating a number of Korean high-tech machines for grinding and other devices. Large investments, the entire project, Yantai are rare, experts operating system renowned doctors.