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Benefit of IPL Hair Removal [2011-09-26]

Many now commonly used method of hair removal, hair removal methods which do you think the effect is the best? Method of hair removal is currently the main method of hair removal of non-thermal power and thermal power method two. Non-thermal power methods such as scraping, pulling, Waxing and hair removal cream, hair removal cream, etc.; thermodynamic hair removal such as acupuncture, photon, laser hair removal surgery. Only the thermal power in order to achieve permanent hair removal hair removal results, several methods of hair removal in thermal power, and the number of laser hair removal works best plastic, suitable for any surface indecent hair.

IPL Hair Removal is that plastic surgery What are the advantages because it is better than other hair removal methods it? IPL Hair Removal surgery hair removal is indeed better than the photon, it was good then? First, the overall hair better, and second, it is faster. Laser photons faster than the more photons by each spot, killing the cells through the hair follicle, so hair follicle atrophy. Ban Daoti Jiguang Zhengxingtuomao instrument produced yes 850 nm wavelength of light, the melanin Xibao effect is the best, it can quickly shrink the hair follicle, so as to achieve the purpose of hair removal.

We first used the 650 nm and 800 nm, both on some distance, we are now using a 850 nm semiconductor laser surgery
hair removal.IPL Hair Removal plastic surgery is what I just talked about the advantages of the two benefits, one is faster, the other is targeted relatively strong, the effect is better. Normal hair follicle, then, do two to three times, usually better. His thick hair more is better, thick, then the hair follicle melanin better. Effect on the limbs of the hair follicle, generally four to five times.IPL Hair Removal