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E light(IPL+RF) beauty system--Expert reviews [2011-03-19]

Dr. Patrick Bitter.MD(美国)
[Dr. Patrick Bitter

IPL+RF will replace the traditional light therapy and it is a new technology with a strong vitality beauty items

Chang Ka-Yeon. MD(韩国)

Over the past few years, we have been using deep fat massage method, which was hard, long treatment time and discomfort was significantly affected by treatment. E-ray body sculpting system, however the treatment time is shortened, thighs and buttocks treatment only thirty minutes, compared to the deep fat massage it more comfortable, by the treatment according to the description of the treatment process, when the upper and lower leg massage, when a large, large Some people may want to sleep comfortably.

James Eliaho Shaoul, MD(以色列)

I used all of the E light(Elos) hair removal system: E light skin beauty systems, E light system and now the latest wrinkle in the E light hair removal system quickly. Used in these systems the elos technology combines two radio frequency energy and light energy, hair removal treatment in nearly five years of the most exciting technological innovation. Using elos technology can effectively remove the hair, while reducing the use of light so that it can maximize the reduction of the incidence of side effects, so that various colors of hair and skin treatments safer, even Africans.