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Guarantee use ipl rf light safe [2011-05-30]

In order to guarantee safety, please follow the optical the following instructions:

1.All the staff use IPL Rf (including patients) all should wear protective glasses, to prevent accidental scored light eyes. If the patient can't wear protective glasses, please use can completely obscured by the opaque material light of protecting patient eyes.

2.In the treatment of indoor significant position marked are using E light, please will risk marker stick in a prominent position.

3.Only permit necessary, received a good safety training personnel close to the instrument.

4.Confirm treatment all indoor personnel all known as E light control and know how to quickly turned off.

5.Should have appointed under the guidance of the attending physician responsible operation E light.

6.Even wear protective glasses, nor look straight into a strong light treatment head pulse of light or its reflect light.

7.In the treatment of black rim of the eye to be careful while, don't make the eye damage.

8.Light therapy for not head outside the scope of this clarification treatment.

9.Please don't in explosive of anesthetic or other combustible environment using IPL laser.

10.Please don't will light therapy treatment area outside the head pointing sites.

11.Prevent jewelry, watches, the surgical instrument or the mirror reflected strong pulsed light reflector.

12.Not to treat any skin launch regional outside a light pulse.

Warning: the therapeutic part of light energy may cause launch excessive heat damage skin, causing abnormal growths or atrophy or skin pigmentation.