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Hairline IPL hair removal rate [2011-10-12]

Many beautiful hair that is irrational and confused, he wants the technology of hair removal, a new look to their own sense of the image, the hair-line costs IPL hair removal? Several medical facilities are, IPL hair removal price is not the same. A total of IPL hair removal costs hair is in line with the site until the payment of fees also vary in different parts of hair removal. IPL hair removal is an important discovery of modern science heat. Listen to the introduction of experts.
According to experts, IPL hair removal is safe, fast, long hair techniques. Because of the growth cycle of hair follicles is inconsistent, has some hair long hair can be some capacity as the incubation period. It uses "selective photothermal effect" principle, the melanocytes of the hair follicle at the specific wavelength of light absorbed and converted to heat tissue damage of the hair follicle while the hair regeneration, without damaging surrounding tissue, pain a little.
The benefits of IPL hair removal, hair removal methods, it is all the pain of a method of hair removal is relatively low. Many cases of clinical results have shown that most patients believe that the sensation of speed "rubber band is to play." Hair removal is completed, the use of phototherapy in the deep dermis and subcutaneous fat to penetrate, to act on different parts of the depth of hair follicles to effectively remove a portion of the depth of human hair. Will not harm the skin. After one more hair pigmentation is very close to our skin, and will not harm the skin.
It is understood that the international centers of skin care have E-light IPL hair removal philton composite freezing, philton Renew system such as laser beams and a range of facilities of the skin have innovative expert in beauty with skin care decades of experience, high quality services air liturgical cosmetic results are excellent plastic annually receive tens of thousands of people from all over the country come to beauty surgery.