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IPL Hair Removal FAQs [2012-06-08]


What does IPL stand for and what exactly is?

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. IPL Hair Removal is a method to remove unwanted hair.

How does IPL work?

Intense Pulsed Light is applied on the part to be treated. The heat produced by the light is absorbed by the melanin and converted into heat, that makes the hair fall and burns the follicle so that hair cannot regrow.

What is achievable with IPL?

A very effective hair removal, one of the best in the market and a permanent or semi-permanent (that is permanent on 90% of the body) removal of unwanted hair.

Does IPL sessions cause pain?

No, and there are no major contraindications. You will only feel a little hot and maybe experience a little reddening.

Which is the difference between IPL hair removal, laser hair removal and electrolysis?

IPL is more effective than laser, mostly because the types of hair that can be removed is larger. With IPL is possible to treat a wide area in the same session and that makes it much faster than electrolysis, where the treatment must be applied for every single hair for separate.

How long does it take to see results?

IPL is effective since the first session, where you can have a reduction in unwanted hair of 30%. To have a permanent result you'll need at least six sessions.

Is IPL permanent hair removal effective with all types of skin and hair?

The treatment does not work with gray, blonde or colored hair. There are new machines that may help with this issue but it's early to tell.

Which is the best combination of hair and skin to perform a satisfactory hair removal?

Light skin and dark hair is the best combination as melanin in concentrated only in the hair, that will absorb all the light. Dark skin is not good for IPL, because it has melanin too and would absorb the light that could cause burns. It is strongly suggested not to take suntan before undergoing IPL.

Where can IPL laser hair removal be applied?

IPl is a great hair remover of hair in the face (sideburns, upper lip) and arms and legs, included armpits. Pregnant or breastfeeding women can't undergo IPL.