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IPL machine's two action [2011-05-13]

IPL beauty equipment to the skin can produce two kinds of action:
(1) biological stimulation: intense pulsed light effect on skin produce actinic after effect, make dermal collagen fibers and elastic fiber internally generated molecular structure of chemical change, restore original elasticity. In addition, its generated solar-thermal effect, can strengthen blood vessel function, make follow Ring improve, thus reach remove wrinkle, refine pores therapeutic effect.
(2) the light pyrolysis principle: because within the diseased tissue pigment group content than normal skin tissue in absorbing light, its temperature after which than skin. Use their temperature difference make lesions vascular closed, pigment decomposing, not broken damage normal tissue.
Therefore China IPL is used to healthcare and the beauty industry, used in the treatment of acne, LaoRenBan, stains, improve skin, wide to receive personage love welcome.

IPL beauty equipment