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Lasylaser Tech-Med- Distribution Program [2011-06-22]

Join our Team!

Health and Beauty is a multi-billion dollar industry and continues to expand each year to accommodate the growing world population. We are looking for professional Sales Agents and Distributors to join our Lasylaser Tech international team. If you are interested, please fill out the form below and we will send you our Lasylaser Reseller Pack outlining wholesale pricing, financing options, and contract details.

Each product in our catalogue has been thoroughly reviewed with the manufacture, tested, and is the top rated products in the industry. Our exclusive access to these items delivers mutual value to our team and the clients we serve!

Lasylaser Tech Medical Distribitors Program

Lasylaser Tech is a revolutionizing the face, structure and sales of beauty technology. We actively redefine ourselves by finding new companies and organizations to partner with in supplying exceptional products and services. We invite organizations that believe in the same to join us in establishing mutually beneficial partnerships. We presently operate a very multifaceted organization that entails a large number of sales representatives that scales across many geographical locations and markets. Further, we cater to smaller businesses and can accommodate our resources to match the needs of niche markets. Lasylaser Tech possesses the knowledge and expertise in successful promotions and sells of our products and our products are rated impeccably in quality.

Benefit of Becoming a Lasylaser Tech Exclusive Agents (at the National or International level territory)

·          - $2000 Monthly Salary 10% Commissions (Minimum Sales require)

Benefit of Becoming a Lasylaser Tech Agents, Distributors & Partnership:

·          - Lasylaser Tech Special discount from Sale price

·          - Lasylaser Tech Service assistance

·          - Distributor's name and contact accessible on Lasylaser Tech website

·          - Lasylaser Tech Sales and service representative's support and training

·          - Lasylaser Tech Special Price for demo units offered

·          - Lasylaser Tech Special discounted prices on overstock

·          - Lasylaser Tech Training sessions

·          - Lasylaser Tech Operator and Service manual

·          - Lasylaser Tech Opportunity to participate in research and development process

·          - Assist with exclusive Lasylaser Tech distributors contracts within (at the National or International level territory)

·          - Lasylaser Tech Legal & Service assistance