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Mini IPL Hair Removal Beauty Equipment [2012-07-03]

Mini IPL Hair Removal Beauty Equipment

1.small size, big power ipl beauty equipment for permanent hair removal, small size, sensible trying style
3.everlasting hair removal take away unwanted hairs beneath arms, on legs, lips or alternative body half, etc.

The vary of treatment
Everlasting hair removal take away unwanted hairs beneath arms, on legs, lips or alternative body half, etc.
Pigmentation treatment take away numerous types of pigment like freckle, chloasma, aged spots, sunburn, etc.
Telangiectasis treatment treat angiotelec-tasis.
Acne treatment  papule, tuber, Blain, acne, etc.
Shrink pores, tighten skin, improve skin elasticity and glossiness.

echnical Parameters
Power offer AC220V±10%, 5A, 50Hz (Or 110V,50/60Hz)
Dimension 32m×50cm×60cm  Package Size 43cm×60cm×75cm
First pulse 1-40MS        Firs delay 1-15MS
Assistant pulse 1-40 MS   assistant delay 1-15MS
Repeat pulse 1-10MS      Repeat delay 1-15MS
pulse number1-15         Repeat frequency 1S,2S,3S
Spot size 10×40mm       Energy density 1-50J/CM2
Input power 800W internet weight 28KG

1.Double treatment heads (SR, HR), create treatment a lot of targeted.
2.*Israel *Imported sapphire crystal makes treatment simpler and safer.
3.Multi-function  hair removal, rejuvenation, freckle, cured red blood .
4.High power and sensible cooling system.
5.Anti-magnetic ABS case to safeguard alternative interruption kind setting, creating the treatment snug.
6.Adjustable cooling temperature, easier and natural.
7.Three Cooling system water-cooling, air-cooling, *Israel *semiconductor refrigeration

Long continuous work time, stable operate, short amount of treatment, straightforward operation, no down time, delivery in time directly, the foremost necessary, we have a tendency to are strongly accountable for the once sale service, if you're curious about our merchandise, do not hesitate to contact us together with your detailed infomation.
Standard  Medical CE, ISO13485, and SFDA