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Something about IPL Hair Removal [2012-02-15]

IPL Hair Removal The array of services offered in a beauty salon range from the very basic manicure and pedicure and up to the more advanced laser and thermal beauty technologies. These varying specializations of beauty procedures are aimed at different parts of the body which the client or patient requires. One very common problem among women which they seek assistance from a beauty clinic for a more favored solution is the growth of unwanted hair in different body parts. There are many hair removal methods, some are conveniently done at home but produces a quite temporary result. In beauty clinics, however, the results of treatments are more preferable. Among the different hair removal treatments in beauty clinics is the IPL Hair removal. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) utilize light wave application. It has numerous wavelengths which only implies that the IPL accounts for various symptoms and areas per session. Moreover, IPL is described to be gentle and safe. Patient who have undergone IPL treatments need not be wary of exposure to something that would affect the effectiveness of the treatment such as sunlight or excessive heat. In addition, the IPL can be modified as per the patient's skin color and type to come up with only the best likely result. IPL treatment is effective in removing hair from every body part: face, back, legs, arms, underarms and even the most sensitive and private areas such as the bikini line, nipples and chest. The hand piece used is said to cool, soothe and glide along the skin. IPL is not as painful as waxing. Some of the IPL patients have allegedly felt some stinging or pinching feeling when the light pulse is applied onto the skin. The treatment does not entail anesthesia but some patients whose pain tolerance is low make use of topical anesthesia in the area to be treated with IPL. Three to six treatments are usually enough to completely remove the hair from common problem areas but various factors affect the beneficial effects of IPL (thickness of hair, the area subjected to treatment, the growth cycle of hair). Patients with light skin tones and whose color of hair is dark are the most ideal candidates for IPL treatments. This is because the IPL wavelengths focus on the pigment then reduces hair. If both skin and hair are dark, the light may probably have difficulty in recognizing which to work on. The cost of IPL treatments depend on every person's hair type, characteristics and requirements. There are online quotes which some beauty clinics advertise on their sites, but these pricing may not be applicable to every patient. Depending too on each patient's personal features are the effectiveness and side effects of IPL. Some patients report that IPL is no good for them while others claim that they have experienced some side effects like reddening, skin browning or lightening and allergies. Before undergoing any treatment, especially IPL, be sure to choose only the most reliable beauty clinic with licensed and professional aestheticians and cosmetologists to achieve guaranteed and safe treatments.