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The development status of laser medical devices [2011-03-19]

Author:xieshuseng Pengguohong fengzhengkai
The present condition of medical science laser market
Since the laser was born, the laser technique has already been the effective means of clinical treatment and also develops the key technique of becoming the medical science diagnosis gradually, and solve many hard nut to cracks in the medical science, did to contribute for the development of medical science.Currently, the laser medical treatment has already formed a maturity, stable market, and study in its foundation, the new technique development, new equipments develop and produce etc. various aspect all keep keep on sturdy of development power head.
International top laser industry market in the world's pressing the district demarcation is the United States, Europe and Japan and Pacific Ocean region.Market quota the United States has 55% around, Europe has 22% around, and Japan and Pacific Ocean region have 23% around.The high power laser machine that more than 500 tiles are used for material to process is Germany to gain advantage, but the semi-conductor laser of the small power machine then Japan gain advantage and share above 70% of world market.
At laser medical treatment apparatus, the United States, Europe, Israel and Japan then temporary is world to lead a position.Particularly in the United States, its laser medical treatment equipments not only gets an extensive application, but also in great quantities exports an oversea market and brings considerable sales income annually for the United States.According to the related report way, the global public laser machine product always sells sum about USD 58,600,000,000 in 2005, among them, the medical treatment laser equipments product has 1/10(more than USD 100000000s 50) around.And keep sturdy ascension by the growth rate of two numbers.With laser at dentistry realm for example, according to report way 200,000 dentists in the United States in 80% people usually use the CO2 laser equipments at least, the market of past dentistry laser machine is very vast, it the latent market is up to ten several USD 100000000s.
The laser medical treatment market mainly distributes in the following aspect currently:The light motive therapy cures a cancer;The laser cures a cardiovascular disease;The quasi- member laser cornea takes shape Shu;Peep mirror surgical operation inside the laser fiber;The laser belly cavity mirror surgical operation;The laser chest mirror surgical operation;The laser joint mirror surgical operation;Laser crushed stones Shu;Laser surgical operation;The laser is fitting together the application of Shu;Laser is in the application of mouth cavity, the Han noodles surgery and dentistry;Weak laser therapy etc..National laser machine market sale sum in 2005 already more than 30,000,000,000 dollars renminbi, cure to sell the sum as about 7-800,000,000 dollars with the laser machine among them.
Produce aspect in the laser medical treatment equipments.Develop speed since the beginning of 1990's unusually fast fierce.According to parties concerned report way, the domestic laser medical treatment equipments is up to 20% in the domestic laser machine sale~30%.It produces district to mainly distribute in this a few cities in Guangdong, Hubei and Peking, Jiangsu and Shanghai.Take industries, such as light communication and laser...etc. as predominant"China, Wuhan pass valley" among them, own photoelectron business enterprise more than 300 houses, in the medical treatment laser produce aspect to present a sturdy development power head.But Peking, Shanghai and Wuhan pushed an ushering in of medical treatment laser technique and develop with its special geography position.But the last few years, the hospital of Guangdong province and large hairdressing catena the hospital all have a significant growth to the laser equipments needs, this makes its medical treatment laser business enterprise growth flown soon.However medical treatment laser business enterprise but talk, its medical treatment laser industry is developing.Moreover, Shaanxi Xian and Sichuan becomes all, with lend a research hospital the technique get the industry turn, not a few laser business enterprises emerge with the tide of the times.As the long spring of optical our country old industrial base, although have some business enterprises that are engaged in laser medical treatment industry development and production, because of the problems of region, many business enterprises haven't formed big scale.There is the machine production business enterprise-Chu laser group in the sky of the biggest laser in China in Wuhan.That business enterprise in addition to the production industry is used laser in addition to welding machine, also produce several kinds of laser hairdressings and laser medical treatment product.Have become domestic(also Asia) to biggestly cure to use one of the laser apparatus production bases currently.
Currently, whole country each large three A hospitals all has already built up a laser medical treatment center and 50% related section of medium the small scaled hospital also establish the laser medical treatment section room, the large hairdressing chain store then tends to the laser technique of weak Wu, the need of local market to laser medical treatment equipments consumedly increases.Can anticipate, from now on several year, national product's curing the sale sum of using the laser machine has already hoped significant ascension.
The outlook of Chinese medical treatment laser apparatus
1. The exaltation of the medical treatment laser apparatus function
The development of medical treatment laser equipments will continue in the future the facing higher energy, more convenient, more precise, more stablely prosper a development.Currently, semi-conductor laser machine, fiber-optic laser machine and fly three types of developments of laser machines of a laser machine very quick, have already hoped in the future medical treatment to apply glorious in the big exhibition.
More than 20 in the last yearses, the development of semi-conductor laser it may be said changes with each passing day, its physical volume is small, can move, easily the check fix and install environment lower, and in recent years along with its exportation power of continuously exaltation, the expanding of wave-length scope has already become the powerful rival of other category laser machines, also part replace He-Ne, the CO2 waits the trend of other laser machines, especially the semi-conductor laser machine is some weakness, such as directive, monochrome and concern with sex worse etc. problem, along with technical of the development optical quality continuously exaltation, the semi-conductor laser will occupy main current gradually in the application on the medical science.
Lock a mold technical exaltation along with the solid laser machine, acquire vein breadth for several ten fly the pulse of second is no longer a difficult affair, fly a laser with it highly the precision is thought to is an ideal super precise surgical operation knife.Fly a laser mainly now application and laser sight correct, domestic application's flying the research of a laser treatment glaucoma has already obtained success.Flying a laser can be used for incising easily ground polymer, but done not change its important biochemistry characteristic, in the molecular biology, this meaning's gene treatment etc. the frontier of science realm have huge of applied value.
The fiber-optic laser machine of low power fiber optic has already gradually applied to clinical, for example only concern with layer(OCT), microsurgery surgical operation and change a skin.Because the fiber-optic laser tool has results to show originally low, operate simple, the energy delivers scope breadth(pulse and continuous wave laser) etc. characteristics, can used for surgical operation and diagnosis to become to be like.Foreign Chan Yi and Chan Er, the laser machine of Chan Diu at clinical up have already obtained excellent curative effect, domestic also already successfully develop Be applied to the pulse fiber-optic laser machine of stone calculus, although the power of local fiber-optic laser machine is still lower currently, along with raise in the laser power and the light beam quality, development and application of fiber-optic laser machine will get a rapid development.
2. The consociation of the medical treatment laser apparatus is applied
Scan system with computer to connect with each other of can control of layering vaporization Er laser, carried out the intelligence precise control treatment, not only raised the efficiency and curative effect of treatment, but also avoided traditional Er laser because of vaporization the depth can not control to cause of pair reaction.
Various treatment techniques unite treatment:This year comes to a kind of consociation laser/strong pulse light and radio frequency energy technique is used for curing various skin hairdressings, this new technique makes use of light as a guide, precision choice target Ba organization, make use of radio frequency energy in the meantime synchronous treatment.
The laser that adopts 1064 nms and 532 nms' uniting treatment stone calculus can acquire good curative effect, this not only hints whether we many wave-lengths unite a function to bring the higher effect the better clinical effect on more realms.
Along with inside peep mirror technical universality, the optic fiber delivers the realization of way, more and more lasers are applied to tiny create the treatment of surgical operation inside the chamber.In these surgical operations, need after physiology chamber way or artificial chamber way, can immediately duct into laser to need to be diagnosed with the part of a pair.For example, make use of to diagnose tumor(if the Bi wets tumor) inside the laser fluorescence spectrum chamber, make use of KTP the laser ducting carry out to vaporize Shu through the prostate gland of the urethra inside the chamber, urine bladder tumor, through skin treatment kidney tumor, liver of vaporization cut off.On a certain meaning, the laser organizes penetrable depth to the human body along with tiny create the development of apparatus is no longer obstacle.
The laser diagnoses technique and calculator to combine together to quickly and automatically obtain a diagnosis information and helps diagnosis.If the laser flows type cell intensity of light instrument, the usage He-Ne laser assistance calculator precision diagnoses the artery gruel kind hardening;Make use of the light voice of laser effect assistance the calculator produce similar B super of become be like the Shu precision diagnosis disease, the technique space's resolution and the signal intelligent degree higher.
3. The match of the medical treatment laser apparatus and high level medical treatment equipments is applied
The X of new Na rice class shoots line laser and unites CT and useds for accurate diagnosis breast cancer and become nicety and CT of laser to be like perfect combine.
Laser and robot match with an usage in making industry very universal, in the medical treatment realm, robot also at tiny create surgical operation in also have application, laser and robot more in the brain surgery, mind surgery, act for traditional steel knife in the neurosurgery, afferent surgery and surgical operation inside the chamber, the surroundings organization hurts smaller, the sufferer recovers sooner.
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author:xieshuseng Pengguohong fengzhengkai