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The pain of ipl hair removal is very small [2011-06-21]

IPL hair removal is one hair removal methods with small pain in all hair removal methods. Clinical trials results show that most patients feel just "be a rubber band to play" feeling. Laser hair removal and will give skin temperature of cooling mode and principle, a lot, but is all about four degrees Celsius temperature, many plastic hospital propaganda, let you no longer freezing point hair removal pain, actually all was far from 0 °, because in the thermal effect, contact a few degrees is the feeling of ice.

Please be assured that if operators operating skilled words are still a safe. Really need painless feeling, now of the science and technology is reach to the level of no pain.

In addition, because each person is different, the physical condition of pain don't feel the same. In the laser hair removal before a "illuminate the stage to test" to determine the patient's pain.
IPL hair removal machine