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The wealth of academic research into [2011-11-04]


After two years of hard work, now bore the sword of the Company completed the product development goals, in a very short period of time the company from scratch, with a demand for the most sophisticated industrial processing ability to provide solutions. R & D of high-power quasi-CW all air-cooled 355nm UV laser to change the market before all domestic commercial UV lasers situation of dependence on imports, and for the circuit board etching, printing plate and other areas of high-power water-cooled UV laser, but also take in the international forefront.
Kong Jian said that these achievements are all dependent on the team, his biggest role is to connect the power of some heavyweights.
Kong Jian, graduated from Zhejiang University in 2000, went to Singapore in September 2001, Nanyang Technological University PhD study, from 2004 to 2007 in Singapore, Nanyang Technological University Photonics Research Center research fellow.
Returned in 2008 founded the Element stones Photonics (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd.. Company, the development of efficient high-power solid-state laser products can be widely used in industrial processing, basic science, IPL RF Beauty Equipment, medical diagnosis, detection and control, defense and other fields.