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What are the benefits EL hair removal [2011-11-24]

There are many advantages of cold hair removal, but some of my friends ask, there is nocold light hair removal risk? Is any plastic surgery has risks, can only say that cold is thelowest risk of IPL Age Spots Removal methods, so please rest assured that choice, cold light hair removal is definitely your choice.
Adoption of permanent hair removal cold. Cold permanent hair removal experts is Israelphilton II compound light hair removal. Israel philton II composite IPL hair removal is selective based on thermodynamic principles of light, cold permanent wavethrough the fair swap, energy and pulse width so that light passes through the skin surfaceto reach the roots of the hair follicle, is absorbed and converted into heat to destroy hair follicle tissue, so that the hair-regeneration. Speed ​​the adoption of a unique freezing pointof frozen hair care system, make local skin cooling to 5 degrees Celsius, as in the winter,have floated to the icy snow, he felt cool; recover the cold touch of early IPL hair removal side effects, and skin damage, equipment, clumsy, manipulation and complex defects.Without damage to surrounding tissue, a little pain, is safe, fast, long hair technology.
Let people know better how beautiful shaping the meaning of experts in our hospital, "What are the benefits EL hair removal," the brief introduction, I believe the beauty whohas some understanding of plastic surgery.