SHR-Popular Way of Super Hair Removal

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What is SHR?

SHR stands for Super fast Hair Removal, its a step forward in permanent hair reduction. SHR is the most advanced way of removing unwanted hair today. It is a new generation of IPL systems using in motion technology.
SHR is 4 x  faster than traditional IPL and Laser, it is safer and pain free .

Treats all Skin and Hair Types including white hair .

A Must for Patients to Enjoy Perfect Skin Without Pain

Big Spot Size with 10Hz Fast Speed

OPT+SHR Integrated Technology for Best Safest Result


How does SHR work?

How SHR works, is a revolutionary approach, rather that bombarding your skin with high amounts of Joules ( energy ), SHR fires multiple shots but at low Joules, in doing so it gently heats the hair follicle to the heat needed and the most you will feel is warmth and a tingling sensation, some clients comparing it to a warm massage. SHR also utilizes In-Motion technology, where the hand piece is always in motion over the skin ,easy to compare to ironing .

Our latest new generation ApoloMed SHR System also offer classic IPL treaatemts painless way by employing state of the art STACK mode

Is SHR suitable for all skin and hair types?

SHR is suitable for all skin types, even tanners,all hair types incl white , this is achievable because of the technology and techniques utilized. Unlike traditional Laser and IPL , SHR can be had all year round without having to hide from the sun.

How many treatments are needed?

To fully treat the area same as all other light based hair reduction systems ( Laser or IPL ) you may require 6-10 treatments at four week intervals. A four week regime is important to maintain so that the SHR treatments get the hair at its four week re-growth. Near the end of the treatments 6-8 week intervals will be needed to finish off your course.

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